An Interview with New-Comer Mezzo-Soprano Britt Brown

Britt Brown in rehearsal for “Chrononhotonthologos” l Photo by Clive Grainger (2017)

Britt Brown is one of the newcomers to Guerilla Opera. She will be singing the role of the Queen’s confidante and punching-bag, Tatlanthe.

SL: Britt, tell us a little about your training and background?
BB: I started off in the Rollin’s College (Winter Park, FL) Children’s Bach Choir, believe it or not! I attended Stetson Uuiversity in Florida and went straight into business recruiting; I recruited accountants, engineers, and other mid and high level administrative employees for clients of the firm I worked for. I did this for several years until I decided to hang up my monkey suit and attended Boston Conservatory for voice performance in 2012.

SL: What is it like to be the new kid in the ensemble?
BB: It’s killer. Everyone in the core group is supremely talented and hilarious…I feel so lucky.

SL: You do seem to be laughing a lot, in the spirit of the piece! Have you done much new music before?
BB: I have! Most recently, I premiered a super cool opera by Amber Vistein, Man will not outlive the weather, for mezzo soprano, quartet, and electronic instruments at Brown University in February. I also premiered a gorgeous and hilarious song cycle, Dream Songs, with Juventas New Music Ensemble during the Boston New Music Festival thsi past September. I’m also looking forward to starring in the Boston premiere of As One with Boston Opera Collaborative in January 2018.

SL: Awesome. So, what is the most fun and the most terrifying thing about doing Chrononhotonthologos?
BB: The most fun is how silly it all is. I feel like we’re in a surreal Monty Python movie. The hardest part is not cracking up the whole time…and the counting. Woof. The counting.

Britt Brown in rehearsal for “Chrononhotonthologos” l Photo by Clive Grainger (2017)

SL: Anything else you would like the opera-going public to know about you?
BB: I live, breathe, and eat (or drink coffee out of a themed mug) STAR TREK. Also, I’m the general manager of a video game studio and the finance administrator for the Newton Cultural Alliance.

Susan Larson is president of Guerilla Opera’s Board of Directors, performing artist and former music critic for The Boston Globe.

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